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Bonds Information

Obichi Insurance Agency has been a name in Surety for many years now. It is a name that has helped start many Contractors with construction Surety Bond support. Who are a significant part of the construction industry. Our staff are specialists in a small and large variety os surety bond types. We have grown to encompass most States and Surety bond specialities. Our Agency is now among the largest Surety bond producing agencies in Washington Metropolitan areas ( Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC )
This Agency focus on being strickly a Surety bond Agency, insures that we have the experience and skill to provide answers to wide variety of Surety bond needs.  

                                                                   *     Bid Bonds
                                                                   *     Bad Credit Bond Program
                                                                       Performance Bonds
                                                                       Construction Contract Bonds
                                                                   *     Contractor License Bonds
                                                                   *     Payment Bond
  *     ERISA /Pension Bonds
      Dishonesty Bonds
      Motor Vehicle Dealers Bond
  *     Montgage Broker Bonds
      Finance Leander Bonds
  *     Notary Bonds
  *     Fidelity Bonds
  *     Developer Bonds
      Commercial Bonds
      License & Permit Bonds
      Utility Bonds
  *     Miscellaneous Bonds
      Construction Contract Bonds.........etc

We have a  number of Surety companies thet will approve Commercial and Miscellaneous Surety bonds for individual and companies with less than standard credit. Almost any commercial and miscellaneous bonds may be written through our Bad Credit Surety program, as long as there are no prior Surety losses nor Child support issues. This include:
*     Mortgage Broker Bonds
    Finance Lender Bonds
*     Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds
    Contractor's License Bonds
    Court Bonds
*     Permit Bonds
    General License Bonds...........etc